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King Stone 

Delta soul is here

Who is King Stone ?

King Stone, a soulful singer, rapper,songwriter,promotor, and manager who often expresses the pain and struggles of his life through his music. That's how I describe myself. Also known as the Soul of the Streets, I grew up in Greenville, Mississippi where poverty is average living , I pour all my emotions into my music. My passion for music comes from using music to channel my aggressions and heartache in life. The name Stone was given to me in the streets of Greenville well known for fighting and winning lol. I got with a group of guys and we started playing around with music that's when the hidden side of me was revealed . Now known as one of the best vocalists out of Greenville. We called ourselves G T.F. ( Game Tite Family).We quickly grew in number needless to say everybody wasn't doing music. I became the leader and now known as King Stone!! Clearly being from streets my focus on music wavered. But that caused more problems than I was ready for. More heartache, more stress, more problems. I decided to change my ways and the meaning of GTF . It now stands for Guide to Future and I’m pouring my all into the music. As the newest addition of Sipp DRIP, King Stone is bringing soul back to the Delta.

Let’s Get it Started

On the stage in the first time for the longest time, check out King Stone’s first Hood Idol performance in Mobile, Alabama

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