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New release alert!!

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Check out my Newest release yall !!


Pre Kay Drip

“Prince of Delta SippHop”

Soulja 4 of the Sipp Drip Family

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Follow Pre Kay Drip formerly known as Priest Caeta on all social media platforms especially Facebook. You know, to keep up with what’s dripping  💧😉




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Priest Caeta 

What you Wanba Be 

Hey! It’s Priest Caeta all in one place! That’s right all of his latest visuals can be found below! Told you we got you, just press play on any of the videos below👇🏾


Sipp DRIP Collaborations

Double Dripple

Two of Sipp DRIP Records LLC’s allstar producers have collaborated to create a hit worthy of head nods. Fred Redd and Priest Caeta’s “Keep Your Head Up” Is inspirational, relatable and available for download and stream on all digital platforms including Google Play and Spotify. 

Stream Keep Your Head Up below👇🏾

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