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Who is Slaughter 6

Horace James Mister Sr is better known as Slaughter6 and is an American Rapper straight out of the MS Delta. 

Born: June 5, 1994

Hometown: Greenville, Ms

Slaughter 6 got his name from being so lyrical and versatile. He has been quoted saying, “I felt like it was a word that best describe my rap ethics.”  When he first started music he was Slaughter Cole as J Cole and The Joker 2 Cold are his greatest inspirations. Wanting something more original, he came up with the name, Slaughter. Needing something that let people know where he’s from and represents (The Delta 662)  he decided to add the 6.

“Growing up in the South Side of Greenville was no walk in the park. Raised by a single mother, we struggled but she always made a way, Slaughter said when asked about his upbringing. 

Slaughter started doing poetry in the 5 grade and realized he was good, but it wasn't until  7th grade when he made his first rap.

Previous musical influences include  J Cole, The Joker, Jagged Edge and Lyfe Jennings. 

Current musical influences include Drake, Lil Wayne, Kevin Gates, Luke Combs and a lot of other old school music.

Current goals: start a graphic and recording company before turning 30 years old. 

“I always wanted to be more than just an artist and if I couldn't make it in music, I want to at least be able to make an impact.”

Slaughter signed with Sipp DRIP Records 2021 and performed for the 3rd Annual Artist Appreciation Night Red Carpet Affair. 

“I was nervous but it was the greatest experience of my life.”

With goals of being more than just an artist, Slaughter6 strives to be different from other artists by  thinking outside the box both musically and business wise. 

Upcoming project

I AM Slaughter 

Slaughter 662 

“Brothers” official video 

Recent Videos


Check out Slaughter6’s Unhurrd performance 

Carried Away

Carried Away is a fun and energetic song in which Slaughter “pops his shit”

Shot by ViralGod Visuals 

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