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Chief Financial Officer 

Alex McPherson also known as Mac Nasty or Coach Mac is the chief financial officer of Sipp DRIP Records  LLC and one half of the Sipp DRIP family foundation. He and his wife, longtime fans of Master P and No Limit Soldiers took the inspiration to create their own label of soldiers by first starting at home with their own children and later taking on other signed talent. Mac is an avid Mopar lover, and easily crowns himself as the #1 Dallas Cowboys fan since 1977. He played wide receiver for his hometown high school , Greenville Highschool and also for Mississippi Valley State University. He also coached basketball and football for Kings Court Christian Academy from 2011-2017. He takes pride in being a veteran, playing basketball with his sons, barbecuing for his family and friends, calling himself a husband, friend and family man. 

CFO wearing the label signature camouflaged print 

Mac with his winning trophy at the 2019 Car Show in Greenville, MS.

Mac and Ceo Mr. Mac repping the label in their alpha predator Sipped out gear.

Mac Nasty and his bearded brother, Hulk, repping Sipp DRIP with their Sun DRIP Tees on at the 2019 Valentine Bash 

Sipp DRIP Tatted so you know it’s real 

Soulja #00

#teamziggy in loving memory of his first grandson who was lost to Leukemia at the age of 9 years old in 2018.

King Cowboy| King Mopar

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