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Chief Executive Officer 

Gwendolyn Mcpherson also known as Mrs. Mac is the owner and CEO of the independent record label, Sipp D.R.I.P. Records. Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, Mrs. Mac is also the wife to Mac Nasty and mother of Soldiers #1 to #5. She began singing at an early age when her father would make her sing in church with her cousin, now label representer, James Redd. She passed down her ambitions for songwriting and recording in the studio to her children by embarking on a journey in the 90’s to tackle the music industry.  Moving away from her hometown and forming female singing and rap group, Southern Comfort, created long nights in the studio and a first hand experience that would spark an undying passion for the recording arts in all of her offspring.  Years later she realized just how much when she began managing R.O.S, a lyrical rap group her first born son and his group of friends formed in the early 2000’s as high schoolers. When she retired as an educator in 2016 she knew it was time for her to embark on her first business venture. With the inspiration of her kids, she and CFO Mac created Sipp D.R.I.P. Records, an independent record label designed to function like their favorite idol’s label; No Limit Records. Taking a proactive role Mrs. Mac currently manages her daughter, the label’s First Lady, and sings background occasionally for James Redd. She also is the creator of The Red Carpet Affair: Artist Appreciation Night. It was created to appreciate the MS Delta artists with awards and accolades on their continued success as creators and entrepreneurs over a full year. The first event took place July 2019 and was a major success as the label presented over 14 awards, the Jody Floyd Legendary Award, $100 prize for Best Dressed, 1 free beat and studio time for the best performer, The Drippy Award for the year’s best dressed and most importantly created a platform for performances by local independent artists. She has even bigger plans for her first business venture, Sipp DRIP Records LLC and looks forward to signing more talent to the label in the upcoming year. When not focusing on business Mrs. Mac is a devoted mother, daughter, and loves to travel.

Life be Like 

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